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Name Eat Mor Chikin!
Email Address brushycreek at etbroadband dot net
Geographic Location Texas, United States
Homepage https://sites.google.com/site/brewboysplace/
Brewing Information
Number of years homebrewing 10
Batch Size 10
Experience Level Beginner
Favorite beer style to brew Pale Ales
Mini Interview
My first homebrew... http://i.imgur.com/J3g2n.jpg
Homebrewing Story... Man dies and goes to heaven. He meets St. Peter and is happy to find out that he will be in heaven for all eternity. Once inside he sees two old men with long gray hair and beards drinking. "What are they drinking?" he asks St. Peter. "Homebrew," replies St. Peter. "Thats great!" says the man. " Who are those 2 men?" he asks. St. Peter replies, " the man on the left is Denny Conn, the homebrewer that thinks he invented batch sparging. "Oh," says the man. "I think I have heard about him. Who is the other man?". "That's God, my son. Sometimes He thinks HE is Denny Conn."
3 favorite beers http://i.imgur.com/J3g2n.jpg
Why I homebrew... http://z4.invisionfree.com/KotMF/index.php?showforum=13
Brewing Accomplishments I've managed to brew good beer for over 10 years without the help of the AHA. Therefore I've saved over $380 in useless dues. That's a lot of beer ingredients. Sorry Charlie. http://i.imgur.com/J3g2n.jpg
Favorite Online Beer Site http://dennybrew.servebeer.com/