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Name Freeflynick
Email Address
Geographic Location Houston, Texas, United States
Homepage http://www.skydivehouston.com
Brewing Information
Number of years homebrewing First
Batch Size 10 gallons
Experience Level Intermediate
Favorite beer style to brew IPA, bocks, 80's, anything dark
Mini Interview
My first homebrew... Just done my first boil - an English pale ale from the tin - just tried to follow the instructions, and we will see how it turns out. Itching to get another one on the go though.......time for another Ale Pail??
Homebrewing Story... To be continued......
3 favorite beers Theakstons Old Peculiar, Wee Heavy, Old Speckled Hen
Why I homebrew... In the words of Frank Zappa, two of the most important thing in a mans life are "Titties and Beer" - with homebrew, I can make 50% of these necessities at home, tailor them to my tastes and desires. The other come with a whole host of complications.........
Brewing Accomplishments Got first batch in the bucket without missing.........?! 2nd batch was partial mash and it is bottled waiting my return home to sample it. Next batch will be all grain - set-up is 90% complete, just need to add spigot to HLT cooler and raise my stand about a foot.
Favorite Online Beer Site http://tastybrew.com of course!