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Name Deleted Boy (BB)
Email Address brushycreek at etbroadband dot net
Geographic Location Brushy Creek, Texas, United States
Homepage http://askdenny.servebeer.com
Brewing Information
Number of years homebrewing 8
Batch Size 10
Experience Level Beginner
Favorite beer style to brew ales and lagers of all kinds
Mini Interview
My first homebrew... Mr. Beer. Need I say more?
Homebrewing Story... There was once a time that I could go to TastyBrew and talk about beer and other things with my brewing buddies, but that's been stopped. Too bad that a few people, who only want to talk beer, ruined it for the rest of us. Even though we were in another room, they still objected to us having our discussions. Liberals enjoy censoring anything they don't believe in. I guess this wasn't a funny story after all.
3 favorite beers Free Beer
The one in my hand
Big Brown Dog Ale

Why I homebrew... I can make better beer for less money and it?s fun.
Brewing Accomplishments I've learned that TastyBrew used to be a good website, but since Denny took over, it's not as good. Of course he has help with ultra liberals such as DP and DanR.
Favorite Online Beer Site http://dennybrew.servebeer.com