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Name CLB
Email Address
Geographic Location Deer River, Minnesota, United States
Homepage http://www.StevesPepperSauce.com
Brewing Information
Number of years homebrewing 1999
Batch Size 28
Experience Level Advanced
Favorite beer style to brew Marzen
Mini Interview
My first homebrew... Extract Oktoberfest, It was good but have since learned lower fermentation temp and conditioning time make all the difference in the world.
Homebrewing Story... A funny Story... Most BMC guys would rather drink a Bud than a good home brew. That strikes me as funny..!
3 favorite beers Hacker-Phsorr Marzen
Paulaner Marzen
Paulaner Salvator
Why I homebrew... Better Beer! I can make the beer I like and it doesn't cost $12.00 a 6 pack. I like making things like Hot Sauce, Jerky, Can. Bacon. Also Woodworking.
Brewing Accomplishments I can make BEER, How cool is that? I still get a big kick out of holding a good clear beer up to the light and thinking, wow I made this. 3rd place in 1st round NHC 2008/Midwest- 1C Light lager.... Total average score of 38 in final round 2008 NHC for Light Lager.... Silver Certificate 2008 NHC-Premium American Lager.... Bronze Certificate 2008 NHC-Belgian Dubbel.... Bronze Certificate 2008 NHC-Oatmeal Stout....
Favorite Online Beer Site None Listed