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By poochy on Mar 16th 2011, 4:51 am Permalink
Just brewed my very first batch of all grain and hops beer. I have been reading up on brewing for a while and finally did it tonight. For my setup I have two 7.5 gallon propane turkey fryer/brew kettles, and a 6.5 gallon conical fermenter.
My first recipe I tried and brewed tonight was an American style lager beer.
My ingregients were as follows:

7.5 lbs of American 2 row pale
2.0 lbs of German Munich light
1.0 lbs of Belgian Biscuit
0.5 oz of Centennial hopps
0.5 oz of Columbus hopps
Daystar yeast

I brewed my grains in 6 gallon for 60 minutes at 154* - 160* F. I then transfered to second kettle brought volume to 5 gallon and added .5 oz of Centennial hopps to it for a boil time of 60 minutes at 160* F. For the last 15 minutes of brew time I added .5 oz of Columbus hopps. After my starter was ready it was added to my mash just before going to the fermenter at 80*F. The hydrometer showed it at being just over 5% ABV and a OG of 1.04 we will see tomorrow how it is doing in the fermenter.
Any tips would be appreciated. After it ferments at 50* F for 30 days I plan on kegging it.