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By NWEagle on Mar 21st 2011, 8:44 pm Permalink
Brewed my first partial mash last Saturday. At least I think that definition is correct. It is meant to approximate Stone Arrogant Bastard. I would welcome and appreciate any suggestion and/or comments.

Recipe Volume 5 gallons
Boiling Volume 3 gallons
Yeast: Wyeast British Ale Yeast

7 lb Light Malt Extract Syrup
2 lb Light Malt Extract - Dry
1 lb Belgian Special-B Malt
1/2 lb Belgian Caravienne Malt
1/2 lb Belgian CaraMunich Malt
1/2 lb Belgian Biscuit Malt

2 1/2 oz. Chinook Hops - 60 minutes
2 oz Columbus Hops - 20 minutes
2 oz Cascade Hops - 2 minutes

I have a pretty spartan setup: a 6 gallon boiling pot on an electric stove, a 6 gallon bottling bucket that I use to sanitize for boiling, and a 6 gallon glass carboy. I slapped the starter pack the previous night and left it out to warm up. It was nice and puffy the next morning. I brought 2 galllons of water to 158 degrees and steeped the cracked grains for 30 minutes between 155 and 160 degrees. I then rinsed (sparged?) the grains with 1/2 gallon water at 158 degrees. I took the mix off heat and carefully stirred in the extracts. I then brought the mixture to a rolling boil, which took a long time due to my heat source, probably 30-40 minutes. I then left the mix boiling until I could see the hot break - the egg-drop soup look and the smooth foam on the boil. Then I started my timer and added my Chinook hops. I found I had to assist the hops in getting wet as they were quite buoyant. After 40 minutes I added the Columbus hops, and then after 58 minutes I added the Cascade hops. At the end of the boiling time I removed the mix from the heat, rinsed (sparged?) the hops with 1/2 gallon of water at 158 degrees, and then I placed my boil pot into an ice bath where, with gentle stirring, I managed to get the liquid to 100 degrees in 15 minutes. I then poured 1 gallon of refrigerated water into the carboy, added my wort, and then topped off to 5 gallons with more refrigerated water. I was able to attain a wort temperature of 70 degrees in 20 minutes.

I tested the OG at 1.067, pitched the yeast, and settled my carboy in for a weeks nap using a sterilized growler for an airlock. The wort sample was delicious - very sweet, complex and it had just a wonderful hoppy bitter snap on the finish. I am very excited about this batch of beer. It will sit one week in the primary, and then two weeks in secondary. I will then rack it into 22 oz bottles and let it condition and carbonate for another 2 weeks minimum.

I welcome any and all feedback on my procedures as I am here to learn and, hopefully, someday help others who are new to brewing.