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Subject: Is it done (does this look right) - Attenuation/Old Peculiar
Author: mikefromcu
Dec 18th, 2005
10:07 pm
I wanted to run this past you to get input on this:
I brewed an Old Peculiar clone last week Friday. Recipe/relavent particulars are:
10.5 gallon batch
17.85 # 2 Row
3.15 Munich
1.25# Milk Sugar (unfermentable I understand)
1# c-80
16 oz treacle (like molasses)
.5# wheat
.42# roasted barley

Mash at 154 - 60 min
OG was 1.062 into the fermenters, fermented at 65*
Yeast WLP 005 - starter yes

So I seem to be at about 9.1 brix which works out to about 1.020.

It tastes fine on sampling out of the primary but my question is if the attenuation looks right and if 1.020 seems high or A-OK.

Thanks all!
Subject: Re: Is it done (does this look right) - Attenuation/Old Peculiar
Author: Rosace
Dec 19th, 2005
3:58 am
OP is one of my favorite beer's when I can find it..
I'm not quite sure.. but I would say you hit the target ABV 5.5 I think Op is 5.6.. .. looks like a tasty brew.. Nice recipe .. why not go old school with molasses? Organic like ?cheers greg
Subject: Re: Is it done (does this look right) - Attenuation/Old Peculiar
Author: Bigbrews
Dec 19th, 2005
5:50 pm
About seven years ago, I was on an Old Peculier clone quest after having it from served from a handpump at a small tavern in Wales. Based on information available on r.c.b at the time, treacle seemed to be the key ingredient. My first attempt used 8 oz of treacle. It turned out nicely, but the treacle does have a very distinctive flavor that can become overpowering, which at 8oz, it was.

About the same time, there was a brewer in the UK who was posting on r.c.b, Tony Barnsley, who formulated a recipe that turned out closer to Old P. His recipe uses the treacle only for priming. The recipe also calls for Invert Sugar and Maltose. For the Invert Sugar, I used Lyle's Golden Syrup and for the Maltose, I used corn sugar.

Here is Tony's recipe.

Old Peculier
This is a somewhat unique ale, Originally brewed by T.R. Theakstons in Masham
(pro maz'am) (North Yorkshire UK). It is now brewed by the Scottish Courage
group. It is one of my favorite old ales, and derives much of its character from
the priming sugars.
This recipe is a combination from BBLTYB and BRAAH,, with some tweaks courtesy
of myself. (Note that I assume an efficiency of 75% and 10% wort loss through
siphoning YMMV).
To brew 50 litres (11 UK Gallons)
OG 1.058, Bitterness 30 IBU's
Around 6.4% ABV
Pale Malt 4900g
Crystal Malt 845g
Roast Barley 230g
Black Malt 120g
Malt Extract Syrup 1814g
Brown cane sugar 650g
Invert cane sugar 250g
Maltose (maize) syrup 1000g

Challenger hops (5.3%) 35g
Fuggles Hops (5%) 115g
Fuggles Hops 25g (last 15 mins of boil)

Method Single infusion mash.
Boil for 90 minutes adding the syrups and sugars half way through the boil
Prime with 3oz of Lyons Black treacle per 5 gallons in cask

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