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Subject: Single tier all grain system.
Author: greg
Dec 18th, 2017
8:14 pm
I currently have a 2.5 tier system. Here is how it's set up.

It's a brew cart on wheels that I built. HLT is on the bottom level. I use a March pump to transfer the water up to my Mash tun which is on the highest level. The height is just low enough that I can dough-in and stir the mash with out a step stool. I run the Mash into my boil kettle via gravity which is on a level just high enough that I can gravity drain through my therminator and collect in my fermentor without a pump this is the 1/2 level. The system works well but I want to build a new one where everything is on the same level and use my pump for everything. The question or concern I have going single tier is collecting my run-off from the mash in my boil kettle. I'm worried that towards the end of the mash when the run off is slow that I'll ruin the pump. For those of you using single tier systems with pumps are you having any issues?

I batch sparge....
Subject: Re: Single tier all grain system.
Author: Greybrewer
Dec 19th, 2017
6:43 pm
After 15 years of a 3 tier system,I also have moved to single level. I use 2 Chugger pumps and bought a Blichmann rocket heater element setup. I have done 9 batches with the new setup and I actually use the pump to pull wort right out of my keg mashtun. I had done a few batches before I realized most setups I'd seen use a small collection tank (grant) and then pump from there. But all I can say is I get clear wort at around 30 minutes pump time. I'm still waiting for my sparge to warm up by then, so I end up with a 45 min mash time , I then just move the hose to the boil kettle , and set the sparge pump to maintain an inch of water above the grain bed. I can collect my 12 gallons of wort in about 35 minutes. Despite the speed of the system I still maintain a 90% efficiency of extraction.
Subject: Re: Single tier all grain system.
Author: greg
Dec 19th, 2017
6:57 pm
With fly sparging I'm sure pumping works great since you have a continuous flow in and out, but for batch sparging which is what I'm doing I'm wondering if a pump would work. Towards the end of my run off it runs very slow and I don't know how well the pump would handle that. I'm thinking it would cavitate and ruin the pump as it sucks in air. I was considering pumping from a grant tank but that sort of defeats my purpose a bit and would require adding another vessel. I'll have to think this through a bit more.... Thank you for posting your experience going from a 3 tier system down to a single tier system.
Subject: Re: Single tier all grain system.
Author: jtrainer
Dec 22nd, 2017
4:15 am
I use a single pump for everything. I have my pump documented here about 10 years ago, still works great. It is used to move all liquids all the way through to the fermenters.

You can control the outflow of the pump to adjust your run-off speed with a valve.
Subject: Re: Single tier all grain system.
Author: dietpillslab
Mar 20th, 2018
11:14 am

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