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Subject: will lagering help this brit strong ale.
Author: spargebag
Jun 5th, 2016
3:20 pm
So my quad finished 8 pts too high and my Brit strong make ended 5 pts too low. That brakspear yeast is a workhorse. It was 90%mo 10% crystal all malt 50ibu. 1075sg. At 1015 it tasted like it'd be everything I wanted in an English ale but those yeasts wouldn't quit. At 1010 its now thin and harsh. Like a young old school IPA. I know one should always lager a bw and at 8.5% its getting close. Would lagering smooth it out a bit? I'm also tempted to try sweetening w lactose but doubt thisll give me that great malty flavor that seemed to leave...
Subject: Re: will lagering help this brit strong ale.
Author: DConn
Jun 5th, 2016
6:03 pm
Nearly every tome I've tried to save a beer it's turned jt worse than if I had done nothing. My advice would be to just leave it alone.

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