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Subject: sam smith stingo clone?
Author: spargebag
Sep 3rd, 2012
11:24 pm
Any ideas? This stuffs aged over a year in century old casks. I dont taste brett but it may be there. There is obviously some lacto but very mild.

The wyeast old ale yeast has both but im leary using a mixed culture for primary.

What do yinz think about this recipe.

15lb marris otter
1/2lb crystal 40
1/2 crystal 80

Overnight mash

1.5 oz firstgold 60min
.5 oz ekg 20
.5oz ekg 5

Ferment w w yorkshire.

Brett c and lacto in secondary w oak cubes.
Subject: Re: sam smith stingo clone?
Author: PaulD70
Sep 5th, 2012
2:45 am
I haven't had Sam Smith's version, but I recently had the Boulevard-Pretty Things Stingo collaboration. It was slightly sour, a little fruity, with a touch of roast. Their web site doesn't give much to go on, but mentions that they brewed a batch, wood aged a part of it and soured a part of it, then blended the three. You might check it out if you can find it. If I were to try to brew it, I might use a bit of really dark crystal (140, Special B, or caraaroma) and/or a bit of black patent.
Subject: Re: sam smith stingo clone?
Author: spargebag
May 19th, 2013
4:14 pm
I actually just made a stab at replicating this by dryhopping and adding oak to an old ale. I then grew the dregs fron a fresh bottle and pitched at secondary. The starter tasted like maraschino cherries but when pitched there is a definite brett character no lacto...i was wrong. The wort is now similar to the real thing with less dark caramel malt. I added half a bag of dark candi syrup and experienced a volcano effect. I think the beer will be great...not the real thing but $229 a case cheaper. The brett is still at work and I want to bottle everything so I can do my spring cleaning but I fear grenades.
Subject: Re: sam smith stingo clone?
Author: Rex_Irae
May 20th, 2013
3:30 am
I love the First Gold. One of my favorite hops there.

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