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Wing-It Holiday Cider

Name Wing-It Holiday Cider
Description spiced hard cider
Added by madmatt192
Date Submitted Wed, 1 Jan 2003 04:42 PM (GMT)
  • 4 cans apple juice concentrate
  • 2 cans white grape juice cocktail
  • 1 gallon apple cider
  • 2 cups brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 1 cup maple syrup
  • 1 29 oz can pears in heavy syrup (pureed)
  • 6 cinnamon sticks
  • 1 Tbs grated orange peel
  • 1/2 Tbs whole cloves
  • 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice
  • 1 pkg Montrachet dry wine yeast
  • 1 pkg unflavored gelatin
In saucepan boil 2 quarts water with lemon juice and spices. Let it simmer while you combine concentrates, sugars, and pears with 2 gallons of water and heat until it just starts to boil. Remove from heat. Strain the spice tea (I used a coffee press) and add to wort. Stir well and pour into fermenter, add the gallon of cider and cold water to bring to 4 gallons. Cool to 80 and pitch yeast. Rack to secondary after 2 weeks, when cider clears fine with gelatin (sediment is much lighter than beer sediment and the slightest bump stirs it all through the wort). Fining helped considerably for racking to bottling bucket. Prime with 3/4 cup corn sugar and bottle. Age at least 3 weeks.
Recipe Type Extract
Batch Size 4 gallons
Original Gravity 1.060
Final Gravity 0.99
Boiling Time barely any
Primary Fermentation plastic 13 days
Secondary Fermentation glass 17 days or until it clears
Other Specifics Alcohol Content 7.75% Color is light golden like a white table wine
This was my first attempt at a hard cider, and like the name says, I tried to wing it with no recipe. When I bottled this it was so dry that I thought for sure I would have to throw the whole batch down the sink. After 3 weeks in the bottle it was mellowed quite nice, not to dry and just a light sparkle of carbonation. It gets smoother and mellower every week with a subtle flavor of the spice in the background. My wife is a white zinfandel drinker and she loves this cider! I am gonig to save a few bottles to try once a month and compare flavor, but I will have to hide them. Serve it chilled for your guests that are not beer drinkers or are skeptical of homebrew (if such people still exist).

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Re: WingIt Holiday Cider Feb 16th 2003, 08:11 pm
After 3 months bottle conditioning this cider is carbonated like a champagne and mellowed to an incredibly wonderful brew with subtle spice undertones. Everone is wild for this!
Comment by: madmatt192 reply to comment
Re: WingIt Holiday Cider Aug 20th 2003, 12:38 am
Matt,<br><br>I'm getting ready to brew up a batch of your hard cider next weekend...any recommendations...? I plan on letting it sit for about 3 months and use it as a holiday brew...
Comment by: Jim reply to comment
Re: WingIt Holiday Cider Sep 22nd 2003, 12:10 am
Good idea too start it now. I am going to brew a winter beer this week. Just follow the recipe and be patient. I thought it was toooo dry when I bottled it but it aged really well. It should be great for the holidays.
Comment by: matt wilson reply to comment
Re: WingIt Holiday Cider Sep 27th 2004, 11:11 pm
I just tried making my first hard cider. It's done fermenting, and i checked the gravity and sampled it, and it is extremely acidic. I'm planning on adding some Malto-Dextrin and Lactose to try and sweeten it up. was your cider very acidic before bottling?
Comment by: Everett reply to comment
Re: WingIt Holiday Cider Oct 18th 2003, 06:06 pm
Hey there..... I just finished everything but the yeast (it's still warming up). My OG was 1.040 give or take a couple points. I bumped up the recipe for 6 gallons. I added 1 extra gallon of apple cider and some extra water and some more spices. I hope it turns out ok, it tastes good now.<br><br>Will the fact that I added liquid without adding too much more sugar help it to be mellow a little earlier?<br>I guess we'll see. Thanks for the recipe.
Comment by: bull_dog805 reply to comment
Re: WingIt Holiday Cider Oct 20th 2003, 08:24 pm
Might want to add yeast nutrients when using this yeast. I didn't, and my whole house smells like rotten eggs! Hoping I can salvage it.
Comment by: harfey reply to comment
Re: WingIt Holiday Cider Feb 1st 2006, 11:16 pm
I actually used dry ale yeast with 2oz yeast nutrient, and my house still smells like eggs. Fermentation at 60-65 degrees got off to a slow start too, but 2 days later is going strong. I'm hoping the natural course of fermentation will flush out the sulpher dioxide, but we'll just wait & see.
Comment by: 2wicked reply to comment
Re: WingIt Holiday Cider Dec 4th 2004, 09:26 pm
hey there,<br> I'm trying to make my cider, and i need to know how much comes in a pkg of Montrachet dry wine yeast, and where can i find it. This will be a big help, thanks<br> Nancy
Comment by: Nancy reply to comment