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Old Stoner
A Pacific Northwest style barleywine
Submitted by DConn on 18 Apr 2003 08:42 PM (GMT)


Mash at 154F for 60 min. Boil 10 min., then start hop schedule

Style Barley Wine
Recipe Type All Grain
Batch Size 5 gal.
Original Gravity 1.105
Final Gravity 1.024ish
Boiling Time 70 min.
Primary Fermentation 18 days in glass 65 F
Secondary Fermentation 2-3 months in glass
Other Specifics Est. 132 IBU, Approx. 12% ABV

Don't rush this beer! Give it at least 2 weeks in primary and 2 months in secondary. Be careful of temp. increases in primary... there's a lot of fermentables here and it'll take off if you're not careful. Add 1 pkg. Danstar Nottingham dry yeast to the bottling bucket along with your priming sugar. The fermentation yeast is going to be pretty much useless by the time you bottle. Age well. I have bottles of this recipe that are 6 years old. In a recent tasting, a 4 year old bottle was great!

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