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Re: Old Stoner Jan 31st 2004, 08:28 pm
I just brewed this beer today, what a ton of grain in this one! This is only my 4th all grain batch but I have been brewing for 10 years. I did change the hops a bit I used 2 oz of each kind of hops instead of the 2, 3 and 1 oz as they came packaged that way. My boil was almost 90 min as I had a lot more than 6 gallons of wort. I separated the 7+ gallons into two pots to boil off the water quicker. My finishing gravity at 60 F came to 1.090 so I was a bit shy of the target, something I have not been able to get right in 4 tries now. I tasted the wort and it is like liquid hops in syrup (yummy!), now I just have to wait 2+ years to enjoy this beer. I have a couple cases of Champaign bottles and a corker waiting to bottle this batch should be very sweet. I can't wait!
Comment by: Ray

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