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Name Beer Style Recipe Type Submitted By
No Animal Genitalia Ginger Ale Winter Beer Extract lefoe on 01-May-2003
Old Stoner Barley Wine All Grain DConn on 18-Apr-2003
d00f's Honey Wheat Hefe- Extract d00fuss on 26-Mar-2003
d00f's IPA India Pale Ale (IPA) Extract d00fuss on 14-Mar-2003
Wild Ass Beer Partial Mash BrewMaxer on 12-Mar-2003
Ruby Monday Ale Partial Mash royboy on 10-Mar-2003
Dirty Deed Porter Porter All Grain ALTMASTER on 21-Feb-2003
Bear Tracks Porter Porter Partial Mash madmatt192 on 16-Feb-2003
Coffee Oatmeal Stout Stout Extract d00fuss on 11-Feb-2003
Arrogant Bastard Clone Strong Ale All Grain rob on 11-Feb-2003
Drunk Monkey Dark Lager Lager All Grain daftpunk on 22-Jan-2003
Four "C's" IPA India Pale Ale (IPA) Partial Mash royboy on 02-Jan-2003
Wing-It Holiday Cider Extract madmatt192 on 01-Jan-2003
Matts RedAss Lager Lager Extract madmatt192 on 01-Jan-2003
Olde ' 77 Winter Beer Partial Mash royboy on 29-Dec-2002
Skwerl Stout Stout Extract cames on 27-Dec-2002
Cherry-Berry Mead Mead Other daftpunk on 19-Dec-2002
Honey-Apricot Strong Ale Ale Partial Mash daftpunk on 19-Dec-2002
Blue Moon Ale Winter Beer All Grain DConn on 18-Dec-2002
Killer Bee Wheat Hefe- Extract madmatt192 on 15-Dec-2002
Snowfly Scotch Ale Strong Ale All Grain mohops on 26-Nov-2002
ColdCuppaJoe Porter Porter Partial Mash royboy on 18-Nov-2002
Phoebe's Proper Porter Porter Partial Mash biglickbrewer on 16-Nov-2002
Son of Dead Fish Ale Ale All Grain DConn on 15-Nov-2002
Thunderbolt Mountain Amber Amber Extract madmatt192 on 12-Nov-2002
Biagi Brew Ale Extract biagi on 12-Nov-2002
Hammertoe Pale Ale Pale Ale Partial Mash royboy on 05-Nov-2002
Pregnant Pale Ale Pale Ale Partial Mash mackk on 06-Oct-2002
Cornet Bay Bitter Bitter Partial Mash mackk on 12-Sep-2002
Fat Tire Ale Other Rossiyma on 30-Jun-2002
Milo's Alt Ale All Grain DConn on 18-Jun-2002
Dark Star Porter Porter All Grain misterphish on 08-Apr-2002
Say Goodnite Gracie PNW Barley Wine Barley Wine All Grain mjarvis on 30-Mar-2002
Lazy Man's Seasonal (Tea Beer) Winter Beer Extract alamue on 15-Mar-2002
Oregon Steam Beer Steam Beer Partial Mash rob on 27-Feb-2002
Might Malty Alt Amber All Grain ALTMASTER on 12-Dec-2001
Hip Hop Pale Ale Pale Ale All Grain ALTMASTER on 06-Dec-2001
Black Bottom Stout Stout Partial Mash bsummers12 on 02-Dec-2001
Summer Wheat Hefe- Extract mjarvis on 28-Nov-2001
Robust Porter Porter Partial Mash mjarvis on 28-Nov-2001
Yuengling Clone Lager Partial Mash bsummers12 on 23-Nov-2001
Punch You in the IPA India Pale Ale (IPA) Extract rob on 04-Sep-2001
Busta's Nut Brown Ale Brown Ale Partial Mash rob on 03-Sep-2001
'Nole Nog Winter Beer Partial Mash rob on 05-Jun-2001