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About TastyBrew.com

Tastybrew.com was designed to be a user driven website for the homebrewing community. Tastybrew.com has been around since 2000. Do you have a suggestion? Send it to us via the Contact Us page.

Tastybrew.com has chosen open source alternatives to provide for their software needs. Not only is open sourced software usually free, it is also usually more robust and stable, thus providing the most 'up time' to our users. For more information about open source technologies, visit http://www.opensource.org.

The people that make Tastybrew.com possible

Rob Hudson

Rob first conceived of creating Tastybrew.com when he was talking with a friend about brewing beer and the words "making a tasty brew" rolled off of his tongue. Once hearing those words together, he knew he found a good name for a brewing website. In 2000, Tastybrew.com had it's first humble beginnings.

Initially starting out focusing on a recipe database, it was soon discovered that recipes weren't the only thing needed to make a tasty brew. So Rob set out to also create an online community where homebrewers could help each other with the details, science, and art of homebrewing.

Rob is a web application developer by profession, and administers and programs for Tastybrew.com in his spare time. If you have feedback on the site, please send them from our contact page.

Denny Conn

Thanks to Denny Conn for beta testing new features, offering advice, and his excellent knowledge base and tirelessly responding to questions.